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Are you planning to go on a HOLIDAY? Looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of modern drudgeries to soak in the wonders of INDIA or the WORLD, spread far and wide across a vast space of earth?

If that is the case, you could do well to take expert knowledge of sources who know the best of holiday destinations in INDIA – Erumeli Holidays!!!

ERUMELI HOLIDAYS (earlier Erumeli Tours and Travels) have been running a successful Tour and Travel Business since 2011. From running travel services for Sabarimala Pilgrims, Erumeli Holidays are now into catering to all kinds of tours and travels. With its HQ in Hyderabad, Erumeli Holidays has a strong agent network in all Major Destinations throughout the world.

With Erumeli Holidays, you can be sure that reality will exceed your expectations. An excellent combine of Domestic Tour Packages and International Tour Packages will help create tailor-made luxury holidays, aided by escorted tours, to some of the most incredible destinations across INDIA and the world.

With its immense experience of organising INDIA and worldwide travel and tours, Erumeli Holidays domestic tour packages and international tour packages, with personalised service and superb value-for-money is best placed to offer a HOLIDAY experience of a lifetime, to be cherished and relished for a lifetime
From alluring hill stations to historic monuments, ancient religious places, and more, NORTH INDIA is a veritable tourist delight. A combination of a glorious past, and modern contemporary present, makes NORTH INDIA a travelling experience of a lifetime for a tourist.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations that NORTH INDIA has to offer include:

DELHI: The capital city of INDIA, is a wonderful blend of the past and present. Divided into two areas – OLD DELHI & NEW DELHI, Delhi blends in itself a wonderful synergy of the alluring charms of the glorious past bustling in Old Delhi and the throbbing energy of the modern present in New Delhi. The city is well-dotted with stunning old monuments, forts, and so on, with beautiful landscaped gardens that exist in perfect harmony with jaw-dropping modern monuments, supplemented by a delightful range of sprawling greenery spaces, colourful bazaars and shopping malls, etc.
UTTARANCHAL: With its amazing natural beauty and acres of greenery and nature’s bounties, Uttaranchal, popularly called as the ‘Land of the Gods’, is a tourist haven. It’s well-dotted with excellent pilgrimage destinations and some amazing monuments of the past that co-exist in complete sync with the modern vibrancy of Uttaranchal’s present growth-developments. The state is also blessed with stunning hill stations and fascinating snow-capped mountains, glaciers, valleys, etc, that is well-complemented by stunning array of wildlife and trekking routes, all of which will rev-up your spirits and moods to culminate in a memorable holiday of a lifetime.
HIMACHAL PRADESH: Another remarkable land of pure and unadulterated natural beauty at its best, untamed by the effects of the modern world. With its many-hued natural beauty attractions from stunning mountains to valleys, lakes, springs, waterfalls and wildlife attractions, well-complemented by some architectural marvels reflected in numerous monasteries, temples and forts, Himachal Pradesh provides for a lifetime experience of a memorable holiday.
JAMMU & KASHMIR: Described as the ‘Switzerland of the East’, Jammu & Kashmir is a veritable heaven on EARTH. Renowned for its magical natural delights capped by Snow Mountains, pristine valleys and waters, lakes, etc, J&K is a place to visit for a lifetime that can never be matched anywhere else. Then there is Ladakh-Leh, with its snow-clad mountains, wide variety of wildlife species and many adventure sports; whole place is a treasury of Tibetan culture.
UTTAR PRADESH: Blessed with a good mix of the ancient and the modern, UP has Agra, Lucknow, etc, to offer, with their many monuments, forts, palaces, etc. The most prestigious among them is the famed Taj Mahal, India’s most famous monument, with a rich history dating back to 1630 AD.
RAJASTHAN: The land of Maharajas as it’s called, has plenty to offer. Its many royal palaces, forts, havelis, temples, museums, etc, all well-complemented by renowned wildlife sanctuaries, colourful fairs, and festival celebrations, adventure sports, and the many delightful culinary delights. Rajasthan truly makes for a tourist holiday of a lifetime.

Erumeli Holidays offers a rich array of NORTH INDIAN Tour Packages that will take you through a treasure trove of destinations giving a peek into some of India’s most vibrant cultural heritage, and sheer natural beauty.

From holy cities like Varansai, Dharmshala and Amristar, etc, to magical places like Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Chandigarh, etc, NORTH INDIA pulsates with extraordinary attractions; Erumeli North Indian Tour Packages beckons you for a travel experience of a lifetime.

North India is also a fine destination for honeymooners and adventure buffs. To procreate the best of a memorable honeymoon, Erumeli Holidays offers excellent Honeymoon Packages with options of accommodations and tours that are mind-blowing

How about a visit to God’s own country on planet EARTH?

With its amazing combination of alluring backwaters, stunning beaches, pretty hillside stations and coffee plantations, exotic wildlife, and more, KERALA is nature at its very best. Then there are Kerala’s renowned Ayurvedic / Spa resorts wherein you can feel the healing prowess of the famed Ayurvedic experts, all in the lap of Mother Nature.

Erumeli Holidays Kerala Tour Packages covers all of that is best of Kerala, from a ride on Kerala’s renowned houseboats to relaxing rejuvenation sessions at the many of Kerala’s renowned Ayurvedic Spas here soaking in its Ayurvedic treatments, tour to the lush green plantations, wildlife tours in the untamed forests of Thekkady and Silent Valley, watching delightful Kathakali performances and theatre arts, and so on. In short, the Kerala Tour Packages covers the whole culture of Kerala, all customised to tourist’s specific needs.

Kerala is known for attracting a good number of honeymooners who relish the prospect of soaking in the charms of its hill stations, isolated islands, relaxing beaches, dense greenery spaces and more. Towards this end, Erumeli Holidays offers excellent Kerala Honeymoon Packages for the newly-weds on a romantic gateway.
Called the ‘City of the Nawabs’, Hyderabad has a glorious history of over 400 years. While still maintaining its fabled historical past, Hyderabad has successfully synergised the website modern marvels that conjures up the memories of the earlier era of exquisite palaces and ancient forts.

Once a relatively quiet place, Hyderabad today is a modern bustling metropolitan city that will give a peek into the glorious touches of the past in the form of historical monuments, beautiful natural lakes and gardens, natural rock formations and the famed Hyderabadi cuisine that click here will leave you spell-bound for days to come.

To soak in the multifarious charms of Hyderabad’s many tourist splendours, Erumeli Holidays offers a range of unique Hyderabad Tour Packages THAT will take you through the in and around famed tourist destinations of Hyderabad, all in varying time-durations, catering to varied budgets and holiday expectations.

Some famed Hyderabad Tourist Places that are covered by Erumeli’s Hyderabad Tour Packages include:

CHARMINAR: A marvellous square-shaped structure with a height of 56 m and breadth of 30 m, constructed in 1591, is a must-visit. Also called as ‘Arc De Triomphe of the East’ Charminar has four towers in each corner, with minarets on each side, with four storeys.
GOLCONDA FORT: An architectural marvel, built by Qutub Shahi Kings, it presents an impressive structure with 8 gates and 87 bastions. Its brilliant architecture is also well-complemented by a system of amazing acoustics, an ancient water-supply system, and Rabban cannons and Ramdas prison with carved Hindu deity on it.
SNOW WORLD: India’s 1st and World’s biggest snow-theme park offers a stunning blend of snowfalls and polar climate settings, in a sprawling complex, with slides, play-areas, sculptures, and mountains, all made-up of artificial snow.
BIRLA MANDIR: A fantastic modern marvel of 2000 tonnes of white marble that stands on a 280 feet high hill, Birla Mandir, is an amalgamation of three known architectural designs – South Indian Architecture, Utkal Architecture and Rajasthani Architecture, well-complemented by an 11 feet statue of Lord Laxminarayana with a magnificent Lotus carved around it.
RAMOJI FILM CITY: One of the largest Film Studios in the world, it possess the capacity to accommodate 50 film units within a given period of time. Well-spread over 2500 acres, and is 30 kms away from Hyderabad, it offers sets ranging from London street to Japanese Gardens, Landscaped Gardens, etc.

Other renowned Hyderabad Tourist places covered by Erumeli’s Hyderabad Tour Packages include:

Birla Planetarium.
Birla Science Museum.
Lumbini Park.
NTR Gardens.
Chowmahalla Palace.
Salar Jung Museum.
Qutub Shahi Tombs.
Necklace Road.
Lad Bazar.
Mecca Masjid.
Nehru Zoo Park.
Purani Haveli, etc.

INDIA, the land of GODS with a glorious ancient past and civilisation, is home to several wonderful temples that are steeped in mythology, with stunning art and architecture, all of which have survived the vagaries of time and Mother Nature.

From the earliest age rock-cut and cave temples to magnificent ancient temples, famed for their unique features and spirituality and jaw-dropping architecture, INDIA has them all. And from the majestic Elephanta and Ellora Temples to Mahabalipuram Temple & Khajuraho Temple, and Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati and more, INDIA offers them all.

INDIA also offers ancient stunning religious sites of various religions from Islam to Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, check here all co-existing in perfect harmony with the temples of Hinduism, a living proof of the strong religious tolerance culture of INDIA.

Erumeli Holidays offers excellent Temple Tour Packages that allows you to experience and savour the magical charm and beauty of the many temples and religious sites, with accommodation at a place that suits you, from luxurious villas to 5 star hotels, budget hotels, lodges, etc.

The Temple Tour Packages also provides for booking of travel tickets, guide fees, and other essentials, all for ensuring that you have a comfortable and pleasant memorable travel tour.

In addition to customised Temple Tour Packages, Erumeli Holidays also provides for high-class best Holiday Packages that will take you to quality holiday destinations located close to temple destinations. The whole idea of providing the best Holiday Packages is to enable you to enjoy the best of temple tours as well as quality holiday destination tours.

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